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Study of Valga town businesses 2016

6th October 2016

Study: the image of Valga town is important for entrepreneurs

The results of the study conducted in August were introduced yesterday to the representatives of largest companies in Valga. The study mapped the expectations and wishes of entrepreneurs for the upcoming general plan and the plan of development, but also for the input for various projects.

The study found that the image of town is found highly important by the entrepreneurs. They find that the level of attractiveness of public space and local entrepreneurs, but as well cultural events and media coverage are shaping the town’s image and attractiveness.

In addition, other fields of interest such as labor market, location, future plans and cooperation were studied.

The entrepreneurs found that there are problems with availability of free labor force that is mainly cause of low number of young people available and troubles meeting the qualifications. Most entrepreneurs find their location good and beneficial for their business, but on the other hand it was found that lack of available space is one of the reasons for not growing or enlarging (other issues being lack of available funds or under-maintained infrastructure).

Entrepreneurs found that the image of city could be shaped through various cultural events, but also through attractive and nice city space.

„I am glad that in general the entrepreneurs are satisfied with the business environment in Valga and also are expecting even more thorough cooperation with town government,“ the mayor of Valga Mr Kalev Härk commented and added, „we can now use the results to direct and use the EU grants better, because on the one hand we learned which are the expectations, but we now have confirmation that the town government and entrepreneurs share similar vision for future Valga.“



A study will be conducted among Valga city businesses for the very first time

There will be a study among Valga city businesses conduced in order to find out the needs of businesses and their expectations to the Town Government. Previously businesses have been studied among other businesses in Valga country, but the current study is focusing on businesses operating in Valga city. The study will provide crucial input for city’s general plan.

„For the first time there will be a comprehensive study of Valga’s businesses,“ explained deputy mayor Enno Kase. „We would like to find out which are the needs of businesses in order to develop city in the way that it accommodates businesses’ needs,“ he added.

„The input will be used for the upcoming general plan,“ said the business and development specialist Sten Otsmaa and added that „the questionnaire has been sent to all businesses registered in Valga city, but we are hoping that businesses that are operating in Valga will provide their input as well.“ The results will be published in September and the link can be found on the Town Government’s homepage and here:

The questionnaire is open until 31.08 and the questions are in Estonian. Please find translation of questions below and one can provide answers in English in the form above. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sten Otsmaa (in English, +372 7669953 or

1.1 Official name of the company
1.2 Official (registered) address of the company
1.3 Actual location of the company
1.4 Field of activity 
1.5 Area (in m2) used for business activity
1.6 Ownership of the area
1.7 Number of employees
1.8 Average age of employees
1.9 How do you find that the fluctuation of employees? (1 – nonexisting, 10 – very present)

2.1 Mark the location of company’s employees
2.2 How do you find the availability of labour force in Valga? (1 – very bad, 10 – very good)
2.2.1 Comment field
2.3 How do you find the availability of rental apartments for your employees? (1 – very bad, not available; 10 – very good, satisfies all needs)
2.3.1 Comment field
3.1 How do you find the company’s location in Valga? (1 – unsuitable for business activity, 10 – very suitable for business activity)
3.1.1 Comment field
3.2 How do you find the presence of transportation or infrastructure problems at your company’s location? (1 – a lot of problems, 10 – no problems)
3.2.1 Comment field
3.3 Do you plan to expand your business activity?
3.3.1 Comment field Comment field Comment field

4.1 What should be the focus in the cityscape and public space of Valga?
4.2 Which kind of public space would benefit your business the most?
4.3 What are your proposals to make public space more attractive in Valga?

5.1 How important is the brand and the image of Valga for your company? (1 – not important, 10 – very important)
5.2 Which are the most influential factors by your opinion that can influence city’s brand and image? ( center’s attractiveness, public space’s attractiveness, media coverage, events, businesses, common marketing strategy and campaign)
5.3 How important is for your to cooperate with local government (the city)? (1 – not important, 10 – very important)
5.4 How would you like to be engaged to city’s development? (1 – not at all, 10 – very much)
5.5 In what area would you be like to engaged to city’s development? ( city planning, strategies, business environment, marketing, education, social sphere, infrastructure, culture, sports and youth, economics)
5.6 Which channels would you like to be engaged through? (official channels of city, social media, mailing lists, meetings, studies)
5.7 Which are the specific problems that you would like to be engaged to?
5.8 How do you see Valga city in general and your company in 10 year perspective?
6. Please add any comments you have

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