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Twin Town Meeting

Project "Raising awareness of remembrance, common history and values through long term international cooperation"

The event took place in Valga city, Estonia, from 26/07/2017 to 30/07/2017 and is supported by Europe for Citizens Programme under measure "Network of Towns".

The project involved directly 62 citizens, notably 9 participants from the city of Kobylnica (Poland), 10 participants from the city of Durbuy (Belgium), 7 participants from the city of Orimattila (Finland), 11 participants from the city of Valka (Latvia), 9 participants from the city of Kościelisko (Poland), 16 participants from the city of Valga (Estonia).

The aim of this international meeting of 6 twin towns from 5 member states of EU (40 students by age 16-22, 22 officials) was to strengthen the ties between the EU members through the debate, exchanging the views, opinions and experiences on the subject of economy and history.

The topic of the all youngsters delegations presentations : "1917 The social and political revolutions, the fall of empires and their impact on Europe's political and historical landscape" and officials "1957 the treaty of Rome and the beginning of European economic Community ".
It gave a good opportunity to investigate and discuss the possibilities to have more EU-funded youth and officials exchanges between our cities in order to learn more from each other. Such common actions based on experience of EU members did deepen the feeling of partnership and cooperation between participating countries. Both young and adult participants from each twinning town did actively take part in the meeting by presenting prepared presentations concerning EU history and economy. Young people by their presentations did describe their view on mentioned topics and ideas how to go further. Adults presentations focused to practical experiences - economic situation before being EU member and now being in EU. How to go further.

The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018. Therefore Valga introduced Estonia by lecture :"Estonian Republic 100 years". There were held different quizzes, group works and games "Know EU and EU history".

On the fourth day, the participants did attend on 6th Military Festival, where they got introduced European military history on the last 100 years and how it has been influenced European history and present.

From this Festival did take part about 30 military clubs from 14 countries. Purpose of the Festival is to show and introduce European military history on the last 100 years, how it has been influenced European history and present. Valga as border town has been influenced strongly by military history. During the festival, there were shown all epochs, started from Vikings until Estonian Republic. Visitors were seeing different performances, took part of lectures and parade.



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