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Social welfare

Local government is the main organizer and financer of social welfare services:

  • Welfare of elderly and the disabled people; submitting the caregiver and supporting financially if a family member is caregiver of the person; the social services at home (caregiver, transport for the disabled), or in an institution (daycare, general nursing home) to cope;
  • child protection and child welfare: the separation of the child from home if in danger; organising children deprived of parental care to substitute family; guardianship.
  • guardinship of the people with mental disorders;
  • assistance to low-income persons, includes both the unemployed, low-income families, large families, small pensions for the elderly and disabled people. Assistance can be financial assistance (income support or additional local social benefits), the provision of services (social housing, free food and drink) and incentives (for the nursery or school lunch concessions, children's camp vouchers) or any other provision of material aid, such as dissemination of donated items (food, clothing, furniture, household appliances);
  • arranging funerals of persons with no relatives;
  • delivering parking cards for disabled persons.
If you need any assistance, please contact to Social Welfare Department: +372 766 9943, .

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